Ulverston Beer Festival

The 2017 Ulverston Beer Festival took place in The Coronation Hall, Ulverston from Thursday 31st August to Saturday 2nd September.

If you didn't make it to the Festival and you want to know what you missed then you can download a copy of the beer, cider and perry lists here:

Ulverston Beer Festival 2017 Beer List and Ulverston Beer Festival 2017 Cider List

This year's Festival started earlier than last year on the Thursday at 2pm. Almost from the start, we were very busy and that didn't let up until we closed the bar at 11pm. Despite there being a rail strike on the Friday, it was a similar story with crowds from early on, right up until we closed, again at 11pm. During the course of the Friday, beers started running out on a regular basis throught out the day but still leaving a good choice for the Saturday. On the Saturday, we opened at noon and numbers gradually built up, not to the level of the previous two days but a very good attendance. Like the previous days, beers started running out as the day progressed until, finally, we were completely out of beer by 7pm and so had no option but to close the Festival three hours early. This meant, unfortunately, that there was no entertainment this year.

Interesting facts about this year:

  • We had a good mix of ages with a noticeable increase in the number of younger visitors
  • Fruit beers, or beers with a fruit taste, such as Raspberry Wheat and Blueberry were popular
  • The majority of visitors were trying a lot of third pints of different beers rather than buying pints
  • Not unusual by any means but there was a great atmosphere throughout the Festival

Beers and Ciders of the Festival where:

  • Light Beer of the Festival: Salopian Catatonic
  • Dark Beer of the Festival: Bank Top Port o' Call
  • Local Beer of the Festival: Joint winners South Lakes Rakau and Cumbrian Legendary Ales Americal Invasion
  • Cider of the Festival: Farmer Jim's Copper Top